Police drink driving tests snare 316 motorists

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A TOTAL of 316 motorists were over the limit or failed to take a breath test in the annual crackdown on drink driving in South Yorkshire during the festive period.

Officers breathalysed 7,729 drivers and 4.1 per cent - 316 - tested positive or refused to take part in the tests.

Nationally, 169,838 tests were conducted in December and more than 6,600 drivers proved positive or failed to comply.

Chief Inspector Stuart Walne, head of road policing in South Yorkshire, said: "Running an intelligence-led campaign meant that whilst the number of breath tests carried out had reduced in comparison to the campaign during December 2009, the number of people caught drink driving increased.

"The increased number of arrests shows we are serious about keeping people safe from drink drivers. I'd like to thank not only my colleagues for working so hard, but also the public in helping to inform us of regular drink drivers".

"Despite our efforts, we still get situations where some people are up to four times over the limit and where others are double the drink driving limit the morning after.

"It is clear that drink driving kills people and is a factor in road collisions, which can have a devastating effect on families and loved ones."

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