Pawnbroking for the posh without dosh

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Some TV shows seem purpose-built for workplace discussions the morning after they’re aired – those classic “water-cooler moments” which we just can’t wait to relive over again with our colleagues.

That’s not so much the case with Posh Pawn – even though it’s packed with plenty of memorable moments which we’d love to get off our chests the next day, no one wants to run the risk of being overheard and misunderstood while talking about ‘watching Posh Pawn last night’. That’s how rumours – and HR reports – start.

This show is certainly worth talking about – if only because the pawnbroker in question, James Constantinou of Prestige Pawnbrokers, is so entirely unlike what one might expect from someone in his line of work.

Mind you, his clientele tend to differ wildly from your average Cash Converters punter, too.

Situated in a lucrative area of Surrey, Prestige demonstrates that when it comes to cashflow issues, no one is immune – and sometimes the more people have, the more they need.

This week sees an outgoing former model by the name of Cathy come to the store, seeking James’ help. She’s keen to set up her own business selling an innovative new line of lingerie, but she’s lacking the capital required to get it off the ground.

Can she convince James that her collection of designer bags and jewellery is sufficient collateral for a £50,000 loan?

Certainly, she’s due a break – although she used to work alongside the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on catwalks around the world, she became ill after the birth of her two daughters.

Diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome, she spent many years blighted with abnormal weight gain.

Now free from the condition, she’s looking for a fresh start – so fingers crossed the Prestige boss can help.

That’s if he’s not too busy with his own problems, of course – for this week finds him attracting some unwanted attention after taking a client’s Ferrari out for a spin.