Our Colin is Columnist of the Year

Colin Drury and his award
Colin Drury and his award
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STAR journalist Colin Drury has been named Columnist of the Year at the 2010 Regional Press Awards.

Judges labelled the 28-year-old “a cocky young pain-in-the-arse but one they kept being drawn back to” at a ceremony in London.

He topped a short list which included writers from the Nottingham Post, Hull Daily Mail, the Southern Daily Echo and Ulster’s News Letter.

Bob Satchwell, executive director of the Society of Editors which ran the awards, said: “A very funny writer who made the judges laugh out loud but also demonstrates an ability to bring a tear to the eye.

“Some judges thought he was a cocky young pain-in-the-arse but one they kept being drawn back to...

“One of those very special columnists who always has something to say, rather than just looking to fill space.

“Colin clearly has a great career ahead of him.”

Colin, who lives in Sheffield city centre but is originally from West Yorkshire, said: “I’m chuffed to have won.”

His columns appear every Wednesday in The Star, taking an alternative look at everything from the use of social networking sites to his Nana’s death.

Martin Smith, features editor at The Star, said: “I can vouch for the cocky young so-and-so bit, and that’s a good thing in a columnist, but Colin also has humility.

“He is a talented features writer and columnist with a keen observational eye and a lovely writing style.

“He can evoke emotion and laughter from a topic and always finds something original to say.

“This is the second time Colin has won this award and his standards just keep getting higher.

“He has the happy knack of being able to put into words the thought we all almost had and turn it into an observational gem.

“Colin does have a great career ahead of him – let’s all hope it’s at The Star.”

Star Editor Jeremy Clifford was full of praise: “Colin has really made his mark since coming to the Star with his columns and in his Diary.