No wobbles from Natalie as raspberry ripple effect brings in cash for animals

IT LOOKS like a terrifying scene straight out of a grisly horror film...

In fact Natalie Mason is doing nothing more sinister than sitting in a bath of raspberry jelly, raising funds for a cash-strapped animal charity.

Artist and writer Natalie, aged 40, took part in the sponsored stunt at her home in Priory Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield, to raise money for Thornberry Animal Sanctuary in North Anston.

Natalie, who wore red pyjamas for the fundraising challenge - and spent nearly six hours sitting in the gloop - said: "I managed just under six hours and then I had to get out. I'm not sure if it was the smell or the E numbers but I started to feel really dizzy and disorientated!

"I was at high risk of hypothermia so I had to keep drinking hot water! My husband Chris thinks I'm crazy but I did it for a good cause.

"So far I've managed to raise 379 but the donations are still coming in."

Natalie used jelly crystals mixed with water to fill up her bath. "I couldn't face sitting in a bath of baked beans so my friend came up with the idea of jelly. I managed to get the jelly at cost price from the Northern General Hospital so I'd like to thank them."

Volunteers at Thornberry Animal Sanctuary say they have only enough money left for another month's work.

Natalie said: "The sanctuary works so hard looking after animals and trying to find them new homes."

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