Mystery over UFO sighting

MYSTERY clusters of lights in the sky have baffled residents in north Sheffield.

Dad-of-two Lee Norman, of Wordsworth Avenue, Parson Cross, said: "We heard the next-door neighbour shouting to his partner and looked out of the window to see six orange, glowing lights all in a row, flying above our house.

"They just floated across, then disappeared. There were more rows for about five or 10 minutes, followed by a noise like a jet engine.

"Quite a few people came out of their homes to have a look and I phoned the police. I'd never seen anything like it before and I'm curious about what they were."

Mum-of-two Dawn Sweeting, of Ecclesfield, also witnessed the lights.

She said: "Myself and my husband were in the garden. In the sky in the distance we could see five orange lights in a cluster heading in our direction.

"The lights were bright and moving quite quickly. They came overhead, were quite low and didn't make a sound.

"As they passed over the house they just seemed to disappear as if someone had switched a light off. When we looked back in the direction they came we saw another three, same size, same speed, no sound."

South Yorkshire Police confirmed that they received one call reporting the lights but a spokeswoman added: "As no other incident of this nature were reported, the incident was closed."

One explanation for the mystery lights could be that someone released Chinese lanterns into the sky.

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