My View, Elaine Hirst: Eating your way around the world for art

Co-Director of darts Elaine Hirst.  Picture: Andrew Roe
Co-Director of darts Elaine Hirst. Picture: Andrew Roe
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In 2013 Doncaster was awarded funding from the Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places for creative projects and community arts schemes.

Right Up Our Street was formed to help people choose, make, see and sharing brilliant cultural ideas.

From poetry to performance, film to radio, sculpture to design, technology to physical activity, the Right Up Our Street team have worked with the people of Doncaster to make all sorts of art happen in surprising and exciting ways.

We’ve recorded over 40,000 participations with Doncaster residents, so many members of our communities have taken part in arts based activities.

We are pleased to have brought ‘art’ to people’s lives and it is the stories of the difference this project has made to people’s lives that really matter.

There are lots of arts activities planned over the next few months for Doncaster people to get involved in and they all bring something a little different to the idea of ‘art’. The Right Up Our Street team have created an exciting and varied programme. The bigger events start later this month with an arts exhibition with a twist.

The Phileas Fogg Feast and Art Trail takes guests on a culinary journey inspired by 80 Days Around the World, to Thailand, Mexico and Italy visiting three themed arts shows, in Rossington.

It starts on Saturday February 28, and is all about encouraging local people to go to an art exhibition.

The added pull is the food! It will be a fun event for all the family. Guests eat a three course meal over three venues in the village. Each venue and course will showcase a cuisine and thematically linked artwork from a country within a continent. Guests will have ‘travel’ from Thailand to Mexico ending up in Italy.

The art will be made by local professional and amateur artists.

There will be drawing workshops for adults, and family workshops in schools prior to the event, and themed art work to display. On the day the final venue will host a party with music and arts activities for families.

The event will start at the Rossington Memorial Community Centre with a Thai soup for starters; it will move to the Market Cafe for a Mexican main course,. The finale will be Italian ice cream and cake at Holmescarr Centre. Guests can enjoy and explore art along the way and get creative with family arts activities and party at the Feast Finale.

Times for the event start are 1.30, 1.50 and 2.10pm on Saturday 28 February at Rossington Memorial Community Centre. McConnell Crescent.