Music: Booking in a for a new chapter at The Leadmill

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The video to the Book Club’s latest single is a bit like a cryptic crossword.

A suited man leaves his home for work but is presented with a series of mysterious clues on the way. Moved by the strangeness of it all, he follows the clues and finds the answer: a huge dancefloor.

Transfixed by a state of near-Nirvana, he removes his clothes and dances away.

The single – We Built the Dancefloor – will be released this week. But it’s not just about dancing, as frontman and singer-songwriter Joe Carnall says: “It’s about music being passed down and how you should always respect what has come before. It’s about the old and new generation. There’s always the next generation but the older generation built the dancefloor.”

The single is released digitally this Saturday and the video is now on You Tube. The band is also playing a small UK tour which takes in the Leadmill on Saturday.

“It’s a cheap night – only £3 to get in,” he says.

The Book Club are playing at The Leadmill on Saturday May 11.