Mums in burger backlash over healthy eating

TWO mums are organising junk food runs to a South Yorkshire school - because they don't agree with its healthy eating policy.

Julie Critchlow and Sam Walker deliver fish and chips, pies, and burgers to hungry kids at Rawmarsh Comprehensive every day.

They say they have started the food runs because pupils are turning their noses up at the 'low fat rubbish' served up at the school.

And they are angry at a recent ruling by headteacher John Lambert that pupils can't leave at lunchtime to visit the local chippy - and should eat pasta, salads and sandwiches.

The two mums say demand is so great they have had to start using an old supermarket trolley for their lunchtime deliveries.

Sam, of Monkwood Road, Rawmarsh, said: "This is all down to that Jamie Oliver. Well I don't like him or what he stands for - he is forcing our kids to be more picky about their food."

Julie, also of Monkwood Road, added: "Kids need a bit of fat in their diet - there is nothing wrong with burgers and chips. At school they only get chips once a week if they are lucky.

"The school have objected to what we are doing and they have even threatened to call in the police. But we will carry on - the kids just won't eat the food they are given at school."

But the two mums have angered local healthy eating campaigners who say they are trying to sabotage the school's new healthy menus.

Rotherham Council healthy eating campaigner Jill Adams said: "What these two women are doing is shameful. I don't believe they think they are doing the right thing by the kids.

"There have been numerous studies which show that children are not only healthier if they cut junk food out of their diet, but they learn better as well.

"We fought hard to get Turkey Twizzlers, chips and other fatty food off the menu and now we have some parents campaigning against healthy food - it is staggering."

Headteacher John Lambert said: "All the freshly prepared food now served complies with the government's healthy eating guidelines, and I can't imagine why the children want to go elsewhere.

"The food that these two parents are handing out is not part of that healthy eating diet and on top of that I have to question the morality of delivering it."

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