Mum's the word for breastfeeding support

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A GROUP of women are providing peer support for new mums as they breastfeed their babies after completing a specialist course.

The volunteer mothers took part in an eight-week programme run by Action for Children on behalf of Sheffield Council, and will now provide support to other mums in children's centres across the city.

More than 20 women achieved the National Childbirth Trust Open College Network level two accreditation and were presented with certificates at a ceremony at Shirecliffe Community Centre.

Saduf Khan, Action for Children's service health coordinator in Sheffield, said: "Breastfeeding gives children the best start in life but can be daunting for lots of mums, particularly with their first baby.

"The support and guidance of one of our volunteer peer mentors can make a real difference to their success.

"We are very proud of this group and grateful to them for giving up their time to help other mothers."

Jenny Marshall, aged 27, has just completed the training.

She said: "I've got two children and had fantastic help from peer support workers with both of them.

"Because I know it works, I was keen to get involved and give something back.

"I wanted to help educate people about the benefits of breast milk over formula and to help reassure mums during a time when many can feel very alone. The course has allowed me to see motherhood from many other perspectives. I have found the whole experience really enjoyable."

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