Mum revitalised by pioneering surgery

A MULTIPLE sclerosis patient from Sheffield is enjoying a new lease of life after undergoing pioneering treatment abroad.

Sylvie Wright travelled to Poland for a procedure to clear a blocked vein in her neck.

She has also had a stent fitted to keep her left jugular vein open - it was originally 80 per cent blocked.

Although the treatment, which is designed to open up blood flow, has not yet been clinically approved, Sylvie said the anecdotal evidence that it could help MS patients was enough to make her determined to try it.

The 37-year-old from Upperthorpe paid 5,000 to travel and undergo the treatment near Krakow and believes it has been money well spent.

She said: "The way I saw it was if I had any blocked veins they shouldn't be blocked and they wanted unblocking irrespective of any connection with MS - although that link seemed highly likely to me.

"I felt I had nothing to lose as my MS is progressing and my life is a constant struggle with severe disability, and particularly against the debilitating fatigue.

"I think the procedure has already paid itself back because my fatigue reduced by 50 per cent immediately. This has improved my quality of life enormously. Most importantly, I have hope for the future."

Sylvie, mum to four-year-old Marcus - a 'miracle' child she and husband Steve, 54, thought they would never have because of her health problems - first began taking a tablet called vitamin B3 to increase her blood flow.

She said the impact on her fatigue was "incredible" and she immediately felt more energetic and able to do more.

"I just felt so much better," Sylvie said, "I knew there had to be something in it."

Angioplasty was carried out on her left jugular vein - a main vein in the neck. When it collapsed again, a stent was inserted to keep it open.

A month on, Sylvie said she feels amazing.

"We don't know what will happen in the future with this procedure because it's not been trialled, but I couldn't wait for another four years down the line. I could have been dead by then.

"Since I had the treatment, I've only had one day where I felt really rubbish which is amazing. Before I had it done I felt like an old woman I was so tired all the time."

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