Mobility scooter theft leaves Irene trapped

A PENSIONER has been left housebound after her mobility scooter was stolen while she was being treated in hospital.

Irene Fielder, aged 85, of Tannery Close, Woodhouse, Sheffield, was in the Northern General Hospital following a kidney infection. She used to park the scooter directly outside the door to her maisonette but, while her son Richard, 51, was collecting some belongings to take to hospital for her, his friend Lisa spotted it being ridden away.

Richard has a cast on his leg due to a broken ankle so was unable to give chase but dialled 999.

But the theft has left his mother housebound because she is unable to walk long distances and needs a frame even to get about her own home.

She said she will be stuck indoors until she can afford to buy a new scooter, at a cost of around 1,000, after discovering the insurance on her last one ran out at the end of August.

"Whoever did this may have thought it was just a bit of fun but it has robbed me of my independence - I will be housebound until I can get a new one," she said.

"Somebody must know where it is, somebody must have seen it, so I hope they will let the police know so I can get it back.

"I bought it brand new for over 1,000 and it gave me my independence.

"I was one of the first patients in Sheffield to undergo a double hip replacement, which transformed my life. As I was getting older the mobility scooter did that as well - I am really sad somebody would do this to me."

Anyone with information about the theft on December 30 should call police on 0114 220 2020.

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