Millers player in knife incident

ROTHERHAM United star Pablo Mills broke into his girlfriend's house armed with a knife and wrote "kill" on her home computer, a court heard.

But a charge of burglary against Mills, which related to the incident in which two mobile phones, keys and a ring were taken, was dropped because his girlfriend Zoe Norman retracted her statement.

Judge Recorder Michael Fowler adjourned the case for reports to be compiled but said he was unhappy with the outcome of the case.

He said: "I was under the impression that the Criminal Justice Act was introduced to deal with these sort of difficulties.

"She does not withdraw the allegation that this man entered the house armed with a knife and wrote the word 'kill' on her computer.

"It is a serious incident for somebody to be armed with a knife itself which receives massive publicity on a regular basis.

"It appears I have no option other than to accept this. But I make it clear that it was wrongly indicted from the outset. These are serious matters."

Dominic Shelley, prosecuting, said the prosecution had had "difficulties" after Ms Newman wrote three letters "making it clear she would not give evidence in this matter".

He added: "The couple have reconciled and she does not wish to continue this case. She has made it clear she would not attend court and that she was never in any fear or intimidation of Mr Mills.

"Given the strong relationship of the couple, it was often the case that the other would seize their mobile phone to interrogate text messages."

Mills admitted a charge of criminal damage and Derby Crown Court heard he had punched a bedroom door at Ms Newman's house in Derby.

Mark Achurch, defending, said: "Mr Mills accepts that he entered a property of which he has a key but was not allowed into at the time.

"They were going through difficulties and he had received a text message at the time informing him that his girlfriend was entertaining the attentions of another man. He arrived at the address, heard noises coming from the bedroom upstairs and he lost his sense of reason.

"Once the man had left he entered the property and he punched a door in the bedroom, causing damage."

Sentence was adjourned until December 21 for "an independent assessment" of the couple's relationship to be prepared.

Mills was granted bail on condition he did not see his Ms Newman or their child between 8pm and 7am.