Man's near fatal allergic reaction

A SOUTH Yorkshire man who nearly died from an allergic reaction - so rare it affects just two others in the world - has spoken of his relief after Sheffield experts discovered the cause of the problem.

Dad-of- two Darren Young had for years suffered from minor skin reactions to everyday products like shampoos, shower gels and aftershaves.

But it wasn't until he had a steroid injection at Montagu Hospital in Mexborough for a pain in his foot that he discovered he had a life-threatening allergy.

Immediately after having the jab, 44-year-old Mr Young suffered a massive allergic reaction to the injection and needed to be resuscitated twice.

"After the steroid injection, my head, neck and throat started to tingle. Then my eyes began to swell, my vision started blurring and by this time I was struggling to breathe.

"Not only had I got a serious and possibly fatal allergy. Unfortunately it was such a rare one that there were only two possibly three recorded cases, and not enough was known about it," he said.

Mr Young, from Doncaster, was referred to the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit at Northern General Hospital.

And, after a number of tests and consultations with experts Dr William Egner and Dr Ravishankar Sargur, he was diagnosed as allergic to polyethylene glycol, a chemical found in many foods, cosmetics, most medications, including the steroid injection he received, and even wound dressings.

"I am very grateful for the help I'm receiving," said Mr Young.

The team at the unit helped him come to terms with how his condition would affect his life.

Bus driver Mr Young said: "I am just learning how to manage this, and I think I'll be learning about it for the rest of my life,"

Now there is a chance for the public to find out more about the allergy service at an open evening on Monday, November 2 at 6pm.

To attend contact Kelly Scruton or Hayley Rowan in the Clinical Immunology and Allergy Unit on 0114 226 9052 or visit www.immqas.org.uk for more details.

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