Man maimed himself in DIY 'sex change'

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A NORTH Derbyshire man who was desperate to become a woman carried out a DIY sex change procedure by slicing off his own testicles.

The 22-year-old from Chesterfield was so determined to undergo gender realignment surgery he decided to take the drastic measure himself without the usual anaesthetics.

He then discarded his testicles in the local Queen's Park and astonishingly waited 24 hours before going to hospital.

The man told stunned doctors in Chesterfield Royal Hospital's accident and emergency department that he had experienced 'a lot less pain' than he had expected.

Medics used swabs, stitches and anaesthetics to tend to his wounds and try to repair the damage.

The patient was also offered psychiatric help to deal with the issues that led to the self-inflicted injuries.

A spokesman for Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust said: "A man in his early twenties presented himself at the hospital minus his testicles, which he had removed the previous day.

"He was treated, then discharged.

"We can say no more because of patient confidentiality - but this is pretty unusual."

It is thought the man had been suffering from 'gender confusion issues' when he resorted to the drastic procedure.

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