Man charged over sword attack on city dad

A HERO dad who was badly injured when he was attacked with a sword in a Tenerife bar has been told Spanish detectives have charged a suspect with attempted murder.

Police on the holiday island rang 53-year-old Gary Wainwright yesterday to inform him the suspect has appeared in court.

Gary, from Wadsley Bridge, was on a New Year break with a group of 26 friends and relatives when he challenged an assailant wielding a three foot sword.

His left arm was slashed repeatedly as he used a chair to try to stop his attacker from entering the bar where Gary's 27-year-old daughter, friends and relatives were cowering in terror.

Medics who treated Gary in hospital in Tenerife told him he was lucky to have survived and could easily have bled to death.

His arm was broken in four places and he needed 178 stitches.

Gary is due to undergo further surgery at the Northern General Hospital next week.

The businessman, who runs the Java Lounge coffee shop in Hillsborough, told The Star: "I had a call from the police in Tenerife telling me they had arrested a man, charged him with attempted murder, and recovered a sword.

"I am now waiting to find out if and when I will be needed in Tenerife if the case ends up being a trial.

"I have a legal firm handling all that side of things."

He added: "I am still in a lot of pain and I am seeing a consultant and registrar this week before I am operated on again next week.

"I am having plastic surgery - but they want to undo the work that was done in Tenerife and start again, so I am going to be like this for some time to come."

Friends and relatives of Gary, and the owner of the bar in Playa Paraiso on the west coast of Tenerife, have all praised him for saving their lives.

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