Lottery millionaire: ‘I didn’t realised it could be me’

Cheers: Shaun Vincent celebrates his �1,158,038 National Lottery win. Photo: John Giles/PA Wire
Cheers: Shaun Vincent celebrates his �1,158,038 National Lottery win. Photo: John Giles/PA Wire
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IT took South Yorkshire man Shaun Vincent THREE WEEKS to realise he’s a lottery millionaire, writes Ben Spencer.

He has played £5 on the lottery every week since it started but he didn’t realise he had the winning ticket to a £1.16 million unclaimed Lotto prize.

The meat slicing factory worker, aged 42, from Royston, Barnsley, only checked his numbers when he read media reports saying someone in South Yorkshire was sitting on a winning ticket.

Shaun told The Star: “I just couldn’t believe it when I saw I was the winner. I sat there for about 20 minutes in shock, staring at the numbers.

“When I told my mum she thought I was winding her up!

“I have spent £5 a week on the lottery ever since it started but I have only ever won about £90.

“I usually check my numbers, but that week I must have just forgotten.

“When I saw there was an unclaimed ticket I looked in a folder where I keep all my tickets and I saw that the numbers matched.”

Single man Shaun, who has lived with his sister for 12 years since moving out of his mum’s house, said he hopes the £1,158,038 prize will not change his life too much.

“The first thing I’m going to do is pay off my sister’s mortgage,” he said.

“I’m hoping it won’t make a massive change to my life. I’m pretty grounded and my friends and family will make sure I don’t change too much.”

Asked whether he will now be “fighting off the women” be laughed as he replied: “Hopefully.”

And asked if he thought being a millionaire would make him “slightly more attractive”, he agreed: “I presume so. It can’t hurt, can it?”

Barnsley-born Shaun, a line supervisor at meat factory Cranswick Convenience Foods in Wombwell, has asked his boss for two weeks off work.

He said: “I’ve taken some time off my job to get my head around it and I’m going to meet some financial advisors and see what my options are.

“I’m still in shock - it still hasn’t really sunk in.

“I’m planning on learning to drive and buying a car, but I don’t even know what to buy because I’ve never driven before. Something that’s good for a learner I suppose!”

Shaun was born in Barnsley, but moved to Immingham, near Grimsby, when he was young. He moved back to Royston when he was 18 and has been in the area ever since.

A lifetime Liverpool FC fan, a season ticket to the Reds is on his must-buy list, but apart from that he insists he is not going to splurge.

“I’m going to take my time and work out what I want to do with the money,” he said.

“My mum will get something.”