Long walk leaves dog too tired to care

Best remedy: Cesar Millan
Best remedy: Cesar Millan
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TV DOG Whisperer Cesar Millan says the first way to help your dog to cope with fireworks is to take them for a long walk.

He said: “One of the best remedies is the longest walk ever. The dog is exhausted and is going to take time to recover. He is then going to pay more attention to recovering than to the sounds.”

He added: “If dogs are already excited, anxious and nervous you don’t want them to breathe too fast. You can use a towel and wrap it round their ribs; it is like when people swaddle their baby and wrap them up like a burrito. It gives them a sense that they can breathe slowly and keeps them breathing in a good pattern. But you have to do it before they get anxious; don’t do it when their level of anxiety is at 10.”

He said: “At the same time, don’t feel bad when a dog is feeling bad. Why would a dog feel safe when you’re feeling sorry for them? After all, why would you want a paramedic to feel sorry for you when you are injured? You want them to help you.”

The US star has faced plenty of fireworks himself while visiting this country to promote his tour of the UK next year. Alan Titchmarsh gave him a savaging when he was a guest on his TV chat show last week after a huge number of complaints from viewers over his appearance on the show. Critics accuse Millan of cruelty towards dogs that he is working with, alleging that he has punched and kicked them.

Millan said he ‘respectfully disagrees’ with Titchmarsh’s accusations and denies causing dogs pain. He pointed out that some of the dogs he works with are ‘red line’ cases who would face being put to sleep by their owners if their aggressive behaviour cannot be changed.

Tickets have just gone on sale for his Trust Your Instincts tour, which starts at Sheffield City Hall on Friday, April 12.