Lonely Bouquets the perfect pick-me-up

Florist Lucy Ashtpn at her shop The Dandelion Clock in Fulwood with one of the Lonely Bouquets she is going to leave somewhere
Florist Lucy Ashtpn at her shop The Dandelion Clock in Fulwood with one of the Lonely Bouquets she is going to leave somewhere
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There’s no better way to say it than with flowers.

Which is exactly why a Sheffield florist is using beautiful little bunches to spread some love around the city this summer.

Flower shop The Dandelion Clock, in Fulwood, is distributing mystery bunches of blooms around Sheffield - on park benches and shop doorsteps - in the hope they will find a home and brighten somebody’s day.

The random act of kindness initiative has been dubbed the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ - the brainchild of a young florist in Belgium named Emily Avenso, who first blogged about the idea after leaving flowers for strangers two years ago, and then saw the idea go viral.

Lucy Ashton, who has owned her shop on Brooklands Avenue for three years, said: “In a climate of economic wobbliness and purse-tightening, the ‘Lonely Bouquet’ is a lovely idea which is fast gathering momentum around the country and around the world.

“It’s a simple enough idea really with no ulterior motive other than to brighten somebody’s day.

“Make a bouquet, attach a tag asking, ‘Take me home and adopt me’, and leave the Lonely Bouquet in a spot where a lucky stranger will find it and give it a new home.

“We waved off two lonely bouquets from our shop just last week.”

The Lonely Bouquet has become an international initiative among florists, to make a stranger smile with flowers.

The bouquet’s new owner can even post a message back to the person who left it, to let them know it found a good home.

Lucy added: “A few hours after we left a bouquet in Bents Green last week, we received an email that read, ‘I am the very lucky finder of the beautiful flowers in the jam jar left at Spar Bents Green. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when everybody else was walking past them! Your flower friends need not worry about their buddies - they have gone to a very good home and have got pride of place on my kitchen island! Thank you for brightening my day’.

“It’s a real joy to get such a lovely response and to know I put a smile on someone’s face.

“The Lonely Bouquet is such a lovely idea - and completely addictive!”

The second bouquet was found by a little girl called Aurora, a student at Nether Green Junior School, whose dad emailed Lucy to thank her.

Lonely Bouquets are now being scattered across the world and, last month, the last Sunday in June was designated as National Lonely Bouquet Day.

So next time you’re out walking around Sheffield, keep your eyes peeled in case you spot a posy - it just might be the good home those flowers are looking for is your own.