LOCAL ELECTIONS: Labour majority grows in Barnsley - VIDEO

THE Labour group on Barnsley Council is back on safe ground - increasing its precarious majority of one seat to 11 in a convincing victory.

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Barnsley Independent Group - the second party on the council - polled badly as people voted with the three big parties.

Council leader Steve Houghton said: "It's been a fantastic day. Obviously with a one-seat majority everyone was worried. History weighs heavy on us in Barnsley and we were really concerned.

"But we did have hope, the feeling on the doorstep was good. We went from a majority of one and now that's 11 so we've gained five seats from the opposition so we're really pleased.

"This result reflects a lot of hard work, not just on the campaign, but in the last two or three years to turn it around. People didn't want to lose Labour in Barnsley and the results today have reflected that.

"Politicians never take anything for granted, especially as a candidate where you worry until the last vote is counted, and even after today there are more elections around the corner which we have to try and win, so lots of hard work still to be done, but a big thank you to the people of Barnsley for voting Labour."

Coun Houghton was expected to put himself forward as a candidate for Parliament after Jeff Ennis stood down earlier this year. But he decided to carry on his work as a councillor, making way for new MP Michael Dugher.

He reflected on a disappointing day for his party across the country - but said it could have been worse: "It's been a mixed picture today. Obviously the national results are disappointing but there have been some good council results. I'm sorry some good Labour candidates lost out but overall the result's better than we anticipated.

"Places like Barnsley are usually at the brunt of any changes in public expenditure, so we will be watching this situation closely and making plans."

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