Lee Strafford: 'Sheffield Wednesday needs saving' - THE FULL STORY

Read the full story as The Star lifts the lid on the astonishing boardroom turmoil behind the departure of former Sheffield Wednesday Chairman Lee Strafford.

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Strafford resigned after 18 tumultuous months in charge and in our exclusive interview outlines why he quit and tells of an annual 1.5m deficit in the club's accounts he discovered after almost a year in office.

The Star is in possession of confidential documents attached to the minutes of a Wednesday board meeting of March 25 2010 in which Owls Finance Director Bob Grierson challenges Strafford's management of the club.

He is quoted as saying to Strafford: "You have lied to the fans and us and are still doing so."

Strafford responded to the club's attack with a 19-page document defending measures he introduced and saying that legal and financial issues discovered within the club in January 2009 scuppered a potential 20m investment bid.

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According to Strafford the discovery of the 1.5m shortfall meant key players like Richard Wood had to be sold - leading to the demoralisation of manager Brian Laws and staff and a relegation fight the club lost.

A Sheffield Wednesday spokesman said: "Today's story in The Star is largely based on minutes presented to the paper by Lee Strafford. The version of the minutes referred to have yet to be agreed by all board members. As such any documentation given to The Star cannot be viewed as a true and accurate record."

But The Star has seen written confirmation from within the club that although the minutes have not been officially agreed they have been accepted and acknowledged as correct by board members.

"I'm telling this story because the club needs saving," said Strafford. "Supporters need to know what's going on.

"I put my life on hold for two years, helped restructure the club and save their investment. They were heading for administration and I ended up feeling like the fall guy for all the club's problems."


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