Latest in digital arts at Sheffield gallery

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A pioneering exhibition at a Sheffield gallery is to explore the latest forms of digital literature such as web and app-based fiction, and electronic text adventure games.

The event at Bank Street Arts which opens on Wednesday is interactive and has been put together by experts in digital fiction and literary linguistics at Sheffield Hallam University.

Dr Alice Bell said: “Although people may be familiar with e-readers, they might not have experienced more interactive and experimental forms of electronic literature.

“Our exhibition features fiction that is written for, and read from, a computer. It can be web or app-based, or accessed on a CD-ROM. Visitors to the exhibition will hopefully discover new forms of literature that they didn’t know existed.

“We also hope to increase digital literacies more broadly by encouraging more people to read and interact with these digital stories.”

‘The Future of Reading? An exhibition of Digital Literature’ aims to raise awareness of digital fiction and understand how readers process fiction in different formats.

It runs until November 14, with a pop-up book club taking place on November 1.