Larry finds circus roots

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TV actor Larry Lamb sought the help of the University of Sheffield’s National Fairground Archive to uncover his unusual ancestry for this week’s episode of BBC1 series Who Do You Think You Are?

Lamb, 63, known for his roles in BBC soap Eastenders and sitcom Gavin and Stacy, previously knew little about his mother’s side of the family as she had been adopted as a baby.

Helped by staff at the National Fairground Archive to trawl their records, Lamb discovered his fascinating family history - one that includes lion tamers and daredevils who toured the country with a circus-style show.

Larry said: “To be related to these people, to come from the same clan – wow. My mum always nursed this dream that she would meet her mum again so when this programme was offered I thought this would be a good thing. The whole female side and male side were a complete surprise.”