Kahlúa Kafé Hits Sheffield

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Kahlúa, the original coffee liqueur is giving Sheffield coffee and cocktail lovers their own special edition cocktail with the creation of a bespoke coffee, designed to produce the perfect Kahlúa Espresso Martini.

Uniquely blended with the finest quality ingredients from the mountains of Veracruz, including 100% Arabica coffee and sugar cane spirit, Kahlúa is bringing its Veracruz roots to Sheffield for a one-off event on 16th November at the city’s Forum Cafe/Bar.

“Kahlúa Kafé” coffee and cocktail master classes will be delivered in partnership with two Yorkshire-based specialists. Alex Galantino founder of stylish new coffee outlets, La Bottega Milanese, and Claudio Antonino (Nino), the owner of the Leeds’ newest chic cocktail lounge, The Maven, will share their respective secrets on cocktail and coffee essentials.

Attendees will glean useful tips on how to select the finest ingredients, an understanding of coffee roasting and brewing, mastering the art of creating uber sophisticated cocktails by picking perfect cocktail partners, and will of course be invited to taste test the Kahlúa Espresso Martini.

Kahlúa Head of Marketing, Pat Venning, said: “We have officially declared November “Kahlúa Month” in Leeds and Sheffield, with coffee and cocktail aficionados in for a real treat. Our local experts will definitely add some flavour to our specially designed master classes which are perfectly timed for attendees to share their new found knowledge and ability to recreate fantastic tasting Kahlúa cocktails at forthcoming festive parties.”

Those more interested in tasting than making, will also get to sample the vast range of serves this versatile drink has to offer. From a simple Kahlúa & Ginger to the more complex Kahlua Sour, socialites looking to refresh their top tipple will have plenty of options to choose from with events at over 30 local bars throughout November.

Kahlúa Kafé Coffee and Cocktail master class will take place between 6pm and 8pm at Forum on 16th November.