Justin Bieber backlash as star withdraws Sheffield concert

Justin Bieber performing at Sheffield Arena
Justin Bieber performing at Sheffield Arena
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FRUSTRATED fans tore down posters of Justin Bieber after learning his concert in Sheffield is cancelled.

Hundreds had queued for up to 36 hours at the city’s Motorpoint Arena to buy tickets for the gig after a pre-sale on Thursday was axed.

Unbeliebable: Justin Bieber fans queuing for tickets before the show was cancelled.                 Picture: DEAN ATKINS

Unbeliebable: Justin Bieber fans queuing for tickets before the show was cancelled. Picture: DEAN ATKINS

Some heartbroken youngsters wept and others ripped down promotional posters of the pop megastar on hearing the news.

A ‘scheduling conflict’ on February 23, 2013, was to blame, said a statement from the show promoters.

Meanwhile two extra dates for London and Birmingham have been added to the 18-year-old’s Believe tour in the UK after tickets sold out.

Dronfield mum Lisa Thompson said her daughter Amelia, six, was ‘absolutely distraught’.

She added: “I’m going to write to the producers, email them, and call the arena every day.

“It’s not that I’m bothered myself but it is for the kids.

“My daughter has loved Justin for a couple of years, and we went to see his 3D film which is all fan based. She thinks she’s going to marry him and now she’s not even going to see him.

“This isn’t treating your fans very well, in fact it’s absolutely disgusting.

“It is really unprofessional to advertise a tour date and then cancel it.

“When it was cancelled there were about 200 people waiting and some of them tore the posters down.”

Desperate fans travelled on to Nottingham in the early hours of the morning to try to get their hands on tickets for a Bieber gig there.

Nathan Thornhill, aged 17, was one.

The Beighton youngster, who wanted tickets for his sister, said: “I was at work when the show was cancelled but my friends kept my place and apparently it was chaos when the news broke.

“All the posters got ripped down.

“There were four of us who travelled down to Nottingham, we got there about midnight. We managed to get tickets at about 9am on Friday morning.

“I think what happened in Sheffield is ridiculous.”

Staff at the Motorpoint Arena took down fans’ details in case anything could be done. Diehard ‘beliebers’ also took to Twitter to voice their disappointment.

A statement from show producers AEG Live said: “Unfortunately we have found ourselves with a scheduling conflict regarding the show scheduled for February 23 in Sheffield. We tried everything we could to resolve the conflict but unfortunately it has not proved possible and consequently the show will not be going on sale as planned. AEG Live would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”