Jordan's spectacular jump is now officially in the record books

TOP city tumbler Jordan Ramos can today show off one of his greatest achievements - as his name appears in the Guinnness World Records Book for the first time.

The 15-year-old from Chapeltown is featured in the 2011 edition of the world-famous book which is published today after he broke the 'slam dunk from a trampoline' record when he was just 13.

To secure his place he jumped and flew an incredible seven metres forwards and 10 metres up to sink a ball into a net.

The Ecclesfield School student beat the previous record of 6.3 metres held by a Japanese sportsman.

And he's since broken the record again, logging a jump distance of 7.3 metres.

His proud mum Anita said: "His dad Marcelo has popped out to buy the book this morning! We couldn't wait to see our Jordan's name in it."

Anita added Jordan is currently in training to try to break his own record again after being invited to attempt the challenge in Norway on Official Guinness World Record Day on November 18.

And that's not all he's got up his sleeve.

Anita said: "Jordan is now planning a death-defying stunt in which he will trampoline over a car before slam dunking a ball.

"Everything will need to be spot on because it's quite dangerous.

"I'm a bit scared, but he takes after his dad who is a professional stuntman so I suppose this kind of thing is inevitable!"

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