JO DAVISON: Katie Price and Gaddafi tacky plate anyone?

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FOR THOSE of us who couldn’t give two hoots about the forthcoming marriage of Prince William and Cut Glass Kate, there is, at least, one amusing news story surrounding the much-ado-about-nothing affair.

Chinese designers produced Will & Kate mugs showing Kate’s portrait and that of, er... Harry.

If only we could have seen the expressions of the designers’ faces as thousands of them rolled off the production line (the cups, that is, not the designers).

The fabulously absurd mistake will make the mug a collector’s item in years to come, so experts believe.

But why stop there?

I say carry on – the potential is enormous.

How about Kate and Osama Bin Laden, or Will with Katie Price, or – if they’re feeling topical – Katie Price and Gaddafi.

At least then these tacky trinkets would double up as political zeitgeists, not just gushing kitsch.

Creative? New? No thank you

AS WITH most things today, the CV has now joined the bland brigade.

At least, that’s what a Norwegian study has shown.

Unconventional CVs are dismissed more readily than run-of-the-mill numbers.

This is unfortunate but also unsurprising. In a culture where millions read mindless drivel about boring celebrities and tune in to televised dross (the X Factor), during which mediocrity practically oozes from the TV screen, it’s hardly shocking that the fear of anything new, different or remotely interesting also extends to HR.

Silence of the Lambos

EVER driven to the brink of insanity by technical hitches?

One man was so enraged by the constant technical malfunctions of his Lamborghini that he arranged for a group of sledge-hammer wielding men to destroy the car.

He thought so little of the £175,000 car that he wanted to completely wreck it – and he did it on World Consumer Rights Day.

That’ll teach those Lamborghini mechanics to fix things properly.

Perhaps his next car was a Volvo.