It’s Chico time if you’re looking for a special dog

RSPCA dog of the week Chico with Tony Benham
RSPCA dog of the week Chico with Tony Benham
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IF YOU are looking for a faithful friend then look no further.

Chico is a soft white English bull terrier who is looking for a new home.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager said Chico is aged about three and that ‘his movie-star looks’ and personality would melt any heart.

Tony said: “This glorious, English bull terrier is about three years old, he has movie-star looks and a fabulous personality.

“People fall passionately in love with English bull terriers.

“The most distinctive feature about any bull terrier is its head, which is often described as egg shaped. When viewed from the front, the top of the skull looks almost flat from ear to ear.

“They also have unique, dark, deep-set triangle-shaped eyes.

“They are spectacular-looking dogs and Chico is no exception.

“However, far more important than good looks, he is a fun, exuberant and people-loving character.

“Poor Chico was underweight when he came in and we felt he showed signs he might have been confined to a very small, dark room at some point for extended periods of time.

“So we are keen to find this furry fellow a loving home where people won’t leave him for long periods of time.

“If his new home has children, older teenagers would be preferred.

“He seems to be absolutely fine with other dogs, especially females, but he does need a home without cats.

Chico has no known health issues, nor is he a fussy eater and, in short, Tony says he is one handsome hound dog who simply loves human company.

Tony said: “He enjoys learning and adores being out and about in the fresh air, enjoying life. He needs about two lots of 30-minute walks a day.

“He is a bubbly character, who interacts well with people. He preferably needs a home with owners who are at home a lot so they can gradually build up to leaving him.

“He is alert, intelligent, dynamic and shows huge potential to be a delightful doggy partner for the right owners.”

The RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open every day, except Wednesdays,, from 12.30pm until 3.30pm and can be contacted on 0114 289 8050.

The centre is also looking for foster homes - for details, call the above number.