It’s all thanks to the fans...

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OWLS stars hailed fans as the reason behind their promotion success - and thanked unwavering supporters for sticking by them during thick and thin.

As Sheffield Wednesday took to the Town Hall balcony yesterday, to deafening cheers from the 2,000-strong crowds waiting in excitement below, chairman Milan Mandaric said fans deserved the Championship.

“On behalf of all of us at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, directors, managers, employees and players, we would like to say from the bottom of our hearts - thank you,” he said.

It was a sentiment echoed by all.

Captain Rob Jones told The Star: “It is incredible to be here.

“The fans have been amazing the whole season.

“They have filled stadiums and today it’s pouring with rain, freezing cold, and they are still outside coming to enjoy this moment.”

Jubilant supporters bounced, chanted, sang and waved their blue and white flags yesterday - saying they wouldn’t have missed the event for the world.

But midfielder José Semedo said the celebrations were far from over.

He added: “We’ve been celebrating since Saturday and it has been fantastic.

“We can do it for another week at least!

“I can say the fans are the reason we made it because in the tough moments they never gave up.

“I am feeling really proud to be back in the Championship again.”

Supporters were confident of continuing progress after been catapulted into another league.

Manager Dave Jones - who joined Owls only in March - said: “We’ve got to enjoy these times because sometimes they don’t come around as often as you would like.

“The fans have been absolutely fantastic.

“In this rain to see all the kiddies and the wives out there wishing us well is something else.”

Asked if he had one message for fans, Jones added: “The city is theirs.”