'I cannot live without you ..'

A DESPERATE dad threw himself off a motorway bridge after his wife left him because he couldn't live without her, a court heard.

Quality control manager Jason Teedon texted wife Joanne in the early hours of December 7 last year, shortly before he jumped on to the M1 at Dodworth, Barnsley.

Mrs Teedon sobbed as Pc Christopher Lindley told the court: "Joanne checked her phone at 7.30am on December 7. She had received a text from Jason at 2.29am. It said he couldn't live without her."

Mr Teedon, aged 40, of Tenters Green, Ward Green, Barnsley, died from multiple injuries. His body had been hit by several cars and he had to be identified by his tattoos and fingerprints.

The inquest heard that Mr Teedon celebrated his 40th birthday with sister Amanda Grist and seemed in good spirits. But he rang her later in an upset state.

Pc Christopher Lindley said: "He was upset that his 40th birthday was nearly over and he was driving around in his car."

Pc Lindley said Jason and Joanne had been married for years but had recently experienced problems.

"Joanne left Jason a few weeks prior to the incident," he said.

Five weeks before his death Mr Teedon was stopped from jumping off a different bridge by his sister.

He had been on anti-depressants for several years but stopped taking them last summer.

At 3.59am on December 7 police were alerted that there was a body on the motorway. The road was closed for several hours, causing traffic chaos.

Officers found Mr Teedon's car parked 400 metres from the Needle's Eye bridge.

A broken vodka bottle, empty pill packets and his mobile telephone were found on the bridge and his footprints were on the railings.

Nobody saw Mr Teedon jump but police said there were no suspicious circumstances.

Two suicide notes were found at his home – one addressed to his son Connor and another to his sisters. He also texted his sisters shortly before he jumped.

Recording a verdict that Mr Teedon took his own life, deputy coroner Judith Naylor said: "I have to be satisfied that a person has taken a particular course of action in order to take their own life.

"Sadly, I have to say, I am so satisfied in this case."