I can't go on without him

A HEARTBROKEN man died by throwing himself in front of a train after he failed to save his dying brother from cancer - despite being a perfect bone marrow match.

David Hackleton's headless body was found slumped next to a Barnsley railway line in November last year - hours after he was discharged from hospital following a prescription drugs overdose.

He had been haunted by the fact he was too late to save his estranged brother after they were reunited following a TV appeal.

The 27-year-old slipped into a depression and became a recluse after his brother Phil Hurrell died of cancer three years ago.

A Sheffield inquest heard how doctors had confirmed David as a perfect bone marrow match for his dying 29-year-old brother - but it was too late for the transplant.

Distraught mum Margaret Godridge, aged 58, told the inquest David could not get over his brother's death.

The window fitter had disappeared after Phil, of Mutual Street, Hexthorpe, Doncaster, died in May 2002. David then became a recluse and a loner, later sleeping rough or with a friend at Margaret Road, Darfield, near Barnsley.

The inquest heard David had sent his mum texts in the days leading up to his death saying: "If you don't ring me back I will be dead. I can't take it anymore. I want to be with our Phil." But every time she tried to get in touch, there was no answer.

Last November David was seen by specialist nurse Simon Greasley after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Mr Greasley told the inquest: "He described an actual plan to commit suicide. He had been to get train timetables and he had been looking at train tracks."

David was prescribed the anti-depressant Amitriptyline but just after leaving the surgery he downed 25 of the tablets while walking near a railway line. He was taken to Barnsley District General Hospital after calling the emergency services.

Mark Stroud, a mental health nurse from the Psychiatric Emergency Team, told the inquest: "David was experiencing some form of unresolved grief. He spoke at length about his brother.

"We felt he was at low risk to intend suicide in the near future."

David was discharged from the hospital on November 19. The following morning, his body was spotted slumped next to the Barnsley to Sheffield railway line.

Coroner Chris Dorries concluded: "Mr Hackleton took his own life."