Human statue: Time stands still for Sheffield street performer

StatueNW'A human statue on Fargate, Sheffield
StatueNW'A human statue on Fargate, Sheffield
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WHEN jobs are hard to come by because of the economic climate, you’ve got to be able to turn your hand to just about anything.

And that’s exactly what this young man did when he became a human statue.

Passers-by in Fargate were a little shocked to see a new addition to the street furniture.

Especially when it started to move.

The street performer - who said his name was Stephen in a Polish accent – earned a good few bob by striking poses and then surprising shoppers as he changed his position.

Dressed in a black and gold speckled suit, complete with hat, scarf, gloves, tie and covered with matching face paint, he was very popular with the crowds – and also attracted a few pigeons to boot.