How changing genres can be a mixed blessing for jazzy funksters

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Get the Blessing are a mercurial band. They’re neither jazz, rock, trip hop or funk yet they’re all of them at one point or another.

The band, from Bristol, shape shift from one genre to another as quickly its members flit between notes.

Saxophonist Jake McMurchie says: “We are very difficult to describe as a band but we are often described as a jazz band.

“We do improvise and have a saxophone but equally our sound is informed by a much broader variety of influences than jazz.

“When we travel as a band we takes turns to be ‘band DJ’ and last time we were out on the road we were listening to AC/DC and Black Sabbath. We have a strong rock influence.”

And it’s this anchorage to rock that gives Get the Blessing a unique sound.

Though jazzy, the Bristol four-piece work to tight, catchy song structures.

“We play what could be described as songs,” says Jake.

Get the Blessing were even described as the ‘punk entry’ when the band picked up their 2008 BBC Jazz Award – a description that nods to the band’s wide-ranging sound.

The band are now working on their fourth album, Lope & Antilope, though contrary to their ‘punk’ description, the album signals the band heading in a more mellow direction but equally as sophisticated as their earlier works.

Get the Blessing perform at Sheffield University Students’ Union on March 27.