Hospital has let my mum down, says son

a CARING son has hit out at a Sheffield hospital claiming his frail and elderly mother was sent home too early with an infection and was not kept mobile during her stay.

Craig Ball fears his mother Margaret, who has dementia, may now never make it home from hospital because her condition has deteriorated so much.

He claims a stay in the Royal Hallamshire Hospital last autumn had a devastating effect on the 78-year-old.

Mr Ball alleges she was not kept as mobile as she had been at home in Tinsley.

He is also angry his mother was discharged from hospital while still suffering from the pressure sores with which she had been admitted weeks before.

He said he was so worried when he got her back home after she was discharged that he called for an emergency doctor, who carried out tests confirming his mum was suffering an infection.

Mr Ball said: "She should not have been allowed home in that state.

"I had to call out the doctor who wanted to readmit her to hospital that night, but we both decided she'd been through enough that day and that I should take her back the following day.

"He took swabs and two days later it showed she was suffering from an infection in her hip.

"She was taken to the Northern General Hospital and that's where she remains today, weeks down the line.

"She's now very frail and her legs are like a child's - I'm really worried about her."

Mr Ball added: "I told staff at the Royal Hallamshire when she went in that she needed to be kept mobile but I don't believe they did enough. "When she came home, she was different to when she went in.

"If they'd kept her moving and treated the infection, I believe she would not be in this state."

Hilary Chapman, chief nurse and chief operating officer at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the Royal Hallamshire, said: "We always strive to provide the best possible care for all our patients and were very sorry to hear of Mr Ball's concerns.

"We have since had a number of discussions with Mr Ball about the issues he has raised and our priority is to ensure his mother Margaret continues to receive the necessary ongoing care and support during her time in hospital."

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