Horse owner allays fears

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The owner of 30 horses left to graze on land near the River Rother in Sheffield today scotched rumours his animals are being neglected.

Andrew Brightmore, whose animals are on land at Woodhouse Washlands, near Woodhouse Mill, said he was trying to find the horses a new home but he is in Sudbury open prison, serving a sentence for fly-tipping.

Mr Brightmore said: "They are being looked after and getting haylage every day.

"I am trying to find somewhere else to put them but it's difficult while I am here.

"I am hoping to get out soon and then I can sort this out. I don't want them being sold at auction because they will just be used for horse meat."

Fears over the horses' welfare were raised by residents.

The land is owned by the Environment Agency and managed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust which is taking legal action to get the horses removed by tomorrow.

The RSPCA said the animals were healthy and in good body condition and the charity was satisfied their needs were being met.

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