Hillsborough disaster: Green Un front page choice still haunts today

Regret: Derek Fish.
Regret: Derek Fish.
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IT WAS just another Saturday on the Green Un until disaster unfolded on the other side of the city.

Derek Fish was Sports Editor of The Star.

“We had the semi-final to cover but we weren’t going big on it because there was no Sheffield involvement,” said 63-year-old Derek, now Telegraph Sports Editor.

“We started getting things coming through from the Press Association from Hillsborough. Then we got a call from photographer Steve Ellis.

“The events just flowed from there. We had no real idea of the seriousness of the events at first, there were no mobile phones or emails then. It wasn’t until the pictures started coming through that we realised the horror of it. It was simply unbelievable.

“I remember us trying to decide what pictures to use. We spread them all on the floor and the table to look at them. It was a question of all hell unfolding at Hillsborough and how do we show people what happened? We had to go to press at 5pm so we made some tough decisions.

“I remember us looking at it over and over again thinking should I be using this picture? I regret using it in a way and it haunts me to this day but I don’t know what I would have used otherwise. It was my 40th birthday the next day and we went out on Saturday night but I was in another world after what we had seen that day.

“It was a totally unreal situation. We had to make decisions fast and we did.”