Herd of Sheffield: Five interactive elephants you must see

Herd of Sheffield
Herd of Sheffield
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The Herd of Sheffield is finally here!

130 elephants, both big and small, have been placed throughout the city by The Children’s Hospital Charity for you to track down in the biggest mass participation art event the city has ever seen.

Herd of Sheffield

Herd of Sheffield

Whilst you’re rounding up the Herd keep an eye out for the secret games painted on to the side of some of the sculptures. There are enough hidden challenges to keep you going all summer!

Aimee and Josh Williams - Interst-elephant

Created by husband and wife design duo Aimee and Josh Williams, the Interst-elephant’s intergalactic design is full of all sorts of things to excite the imagination including rockets, martians, and even an astronaut on a spacewalk. Some of the most famous star constellations are painted across each side of this out-of-this-world sculpture. Herders can test their space knowledge by seeing how many they can spot!

Where to see it: Barker's Pool

Carolyn Short – The Fairytale Elephant

Track down Carolyn Short’s Fairytale Elephant and see if you can guess which 22 traditional stories each of the images in the piece is linked to. Some, like the wolf with Granny’s cap on and the Gingerbread man waving from behind the elephant’s ears, will be instantly recognisable. But other clues, like a giant turnip or the feathers nestled on top of the elephant’s head, may prove trickier for adults and children alike.

Where to see it: Cathedral

Lydia Monks – But Where’s the Ladybird?

Eagle-eyed parents will recognise the artwork of Lydia Monks from titles such as What the Ladybird Heard and The Singing Mermaid, as well as illustrations for her own books. Amongst the characters going for a ride on her elephant are mermaids, monkeys and farm animals. And of course - somewhere in her glittery creation she has hidden a little ladybird for visitors to the Herd to come and spot!

Where to see it: Meadowhall

Susan Webber – Blossom

Susan Webber’s design, Blossom, was influenced by the delicacy of traditional Asian flower paintings – and is a tribute to the how sensitive and gentle elephants can be in the wild. There are also birds with golden wings flocking through the branches. How many can you find flying amongst the flowers?

Where to see it: Crystal Peaks, outside the main entrance

Geo Law – Lingo the Elephant

Geo Law’s Lingo the Elephant is a technicolour celebration of the weird and wonderful way language is used in the city. By showcasing these sayings on his elephant Geo hopes he will help keep the words and phrases alive within the community. Join him on his mission by ‘aving a gander’ at this elephant and brushing up on some ‘reyt good’ Sheffield slang!

Where to see it: Sheffield Hallam University Bryan Nicholson Building