Herd of Sheffield: Five accessorised elephants you must see

Henry the Constuctor - Deven Bhurke
Henry the Constuctor - Deven Bhurke
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With the amount of care that went into getting the Herd elephants all dressed up, it’s no wonder that more than a few have gone all out with their accessories.

From hard hats to hair extensions, we took a look at a few of the Herd of Sheffield elephants that decided that more is definitely more.

Taking a look inside Tom Clayton's elephant

Taking a look inside Tom Clayton's elephant

Creative Crystal – I Follow a Different Herd

Complete with Swarovski® crystals, gold leaf, hair extensions and even false eyelashes, the I Follow a Different Herd elephant is a joyful celebration of individuality. “The message behind the design is; Don't always follow the crowd,” says owner of Creative in Crystals, Ben Ridley. “Just because it's shaped as an elephant, it doesn't have to be an elephant. Everyone should take on the world with an open and creative mind and also let others be whoever they want to be without judgement.”

Where to see it: Victoria Quays

Deven Bhurke – The Warrior

The Warrior - Deven Bhurke

The Warrior - Deven Bhurke

As if elephants weren’t tough enough, Deven has equipped his with a helmet, metal chest plate and cape. He even has his own trunk protector! It’s enough to help him withstand the fiercest of Sheffield’s winds and ensure a dazzling shine when the sun is out. Take a peek inside The Warrior’s impressive ears and you’ll notice that he’s even managed to match them to the rest of his outfit.

Where to see it: Sheffield Station

Deven Bhurke – Henry the Constructor

Deven’s second contribution to the Herd, Henry the Constructor, is one of its most organised members! With his high visibility jacket on and his helmet in place he’s always ready to make sure none of the other elephants wander off and get into trouble.

Where to see it: Botanical Gardens

Finger Industries – Herd & Bird

Inspired by the symbiotic relationship elephants and birds have in nature, Finger Industries created a second character, Bird, to fly across the side of their sculpture. The Sheffield based CG and animation company specialise in designing characters and after they came up with the concept for Bird they brought him to life through animation and 3D printing. He’ll be taking centre stage alongside his elephant friend this summer and even stars in his own short film!

Where to see it: Winter Garden

Tom Clayton – Steel Elephant

Not content with simply painting the exterior of his elephant, artist Tom Clayton has gone one step further, creating an elaborate interior made up of locally sourced wires, cogs and lights. After inserting a wire frame into the sculpture, he cut away sections of the fiberglass casing, allowing the organs of the cyborg elephant to be displayed for all to see. Each cut out section was then covered in acrylic to protect the delicate structure. The rest of the elephant was painted with a chrome finish to complete its robo-chic look!

Where to see it: Hallam Square (Sheffield Hallam University)accessorised


Five Sheffield inspired elephants you must see
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