Grisly murder book horror for dad

A PENSIONER whose schoolgirl daughter was stabbed to death 35 years ago has spoken of his horror after grisly details of her killing were included in a new book.

Shirley Boldy was 14 when she was snatched, sexually assaulted, strangled and stabbed by sex fiend Peter Pickering in South Yorkshire in July 1972.

Her devastated father Norman has spent the last 35 years trying to get over her death, her brother Steven has moved away, and her mother Edna died, still heartbroken, on Christmas Day six years ago.

Now graphic details of Shirley's killing have been included in local history book 'Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in and around Barnsley' by Elsecar-born author Geoffrey Howse.

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A photograph has been taken of Shirley's grave - where her mother is also buried - and printed in the book which was published just days before the anniversary of Edna's death.

Today Norman, aged 80, a retired local government officer from Wombwell, Barnsley, said: "I feel absolutely devastated. All the gory, horrible details of my daughter's killing are in there.

"I don't even know where they've got most of the information from - there's detail in there even I did not know about. They even went to the trouble of going to the cemetery, seeking out the grave of Shirley and my wife, and taking a picture of it."

The 12.99 paperback is published by Pen and Sword Books, based on Church Street in Barnsley. It is part of a series of Foul Deeds books about places all over Britain including Rotherham and Chesterfield.

Norman wrote to complain, and managing director Charles Hewitt replied to "sincerely apologise".

He said the Foul Deeds series carried a publishing guideline not to refer to cases from the last 50 years, and admitted the rules had been broken.

But he told The Star the book would not be withdrawn from sale, and claimed it was "important people are aware of things that have happened in Barnsley", adding: "The killer will be up for parole at some stage."

Norman said: "I have been assured any further editions of the book will not include reference to Shirley - but the book is still for sale, it is in the public library, it has been advertised for sale locally.

"As far as I am concerned they are making profit out of my daughter's death and I am grievously hurt by it.

"If they had any conscience at all the publishers might want to consider donating the profits they make to the Sheffield branch of support group SAMM, Support After Murder and Manslaughter."


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