Government cracks down on neighbours from hell

A SHEFFIELD woman whose life was made a misery by a neighbour from hell who threatened to "knife her" today welcomed new government proposals which could see nuisance neighbours facing swifter action.

Tina Tomlinson faced months of torment and threats from Lisa Goodinson, 43, of Delves Road, Hackenthorpe, who threatened to kill her and even forced her way into her flat.

Despite being slapped with an injunction by the courts Goodinson continued abusing Tina.

Anti-social behaviour officers recorded more than 37 hours of threats against Tina on noise monitoring equipment installed at her flat.

At the height of the abuse Tina had to have a designated escort to accompany her home.

As well as noise late at night, Goodinson sang abusive songs about council officials and swore at a delivery driver.

She was eventually jailed for 90 days and was finally evicted in May.

Today Tina welcomed news the coalition government is to announce new plans to take action against tenants who cause misery for their neighbours.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps was today announcing 300,000 of funding which will be used to set up a dedicated new team to help tenants and landlords tackle neighbours from hell and ensure cases move through the courts as quickly as possible.

He said: "For too long, too many social tenants have lived in fear of neighbours from hell, whose nasty and vicious behaviour blights their neighbourhoods.

"Victims and witnesses often have to continue living side by side with the perpetrators while action to evict them drags on for many months and sometimes years.

"That's why I want to give hope to these victims that this can and will be stopped.

"I want any tenant who comes forward to report anti-social behaviour in their area to get the support they need and deserve."

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