Gadget guru Sheffield family get TV show feel for tomorrow’s world

Looking ahead: The Future Family and some of the gadgets they will be featuring.'                       Picture: Pete Dadds / Channel 4,
Looking ahead: The Future Family and some of the gadgets they will be featuring.' Picture: Pete Dadds / Channel 4,
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ROBOTIC mops, breathable food and self-driving cars - welcome to a Sheffield home set many years in the future.

But the Perera family, of Ecclesfield, have been experiencing that hi-tech life of gadgets and gizmos for the past year already.

They were transported to the future for a new reality television series and saw their life transformed, from having their home totally refitted and filled with new technology in a £250,000 revamp to changing the way they think about the world’s resources.

Before the show begins on Sunday parents-of-six Michele and Tony gave the Star an exclusive look at their life in the future.

Michele, aged 51, said: “When we first started living in the future it was totally different, we felt as though our life had been turned upside down. Life has been a bit more exciting. Now I’d definitely stay living in the future, I’m waiting for a lot of the gadgets we had to come out on the market!”

And were there gadgets.

Worldwide one-offs, like a 3D ‘printer’ that builds physical objects from plastic, and a bin camera which posts pictures of household waste online to show off your recycling rate were sent to the Perera home in the experiment.

An interactive mirror, breathable food sprays, UV cleaner and solar charged toothbrushes that don’t require toothpaste...the list of gadgets they used is endless.

Businessman Tony, 61, said: “I used to be able to watch television with the automatic lawnmower, carpet cleaner and mop going at the same time. But the biometric front door lock couldn’t read my fingerprint for some reason!.”

Son Joel, 25, added: “The experience has made me think about the future consciously. It’s changed the way we live. Actual keys?

“You can do it with your fingerprints. Keys seem so old-fashioned now.”

Aside from technology the family were asked to experience scenarios expected in the next 20 to 50 years, like soaring food prices or being banned from short car journeys.

They grew their own fish, food and even ate bugs as well as cutting waste through eco-friendly measures.

Michele said: “They are saying that in the future meat is going to be really expensive, you won’t be able to afford it. We ate the bugs and I think people will in the future.

“I think the whole experience has made the family come together more. We’re excited and nervous to see the show.”

* Home of the Future, co-funded by energy company E.ON, starts Sunday, February 12, on Channel 4, from 7pm,

Future Gadgets:

The Aerogarden, grows plants in nutrients and water rather than soil. £109.99.

Samsung Navibot automatic vacuum cleaner. £359

An Underarmour Body Recharge Suit. Uses compression to repair muscles after working out. £89.95

Light activated ionic toothbrush. £9.99

Lightsleeper – ceiling light that aids sleep. £12