Floods bring more misery to Sheffield

RESIDENTS have been evacuated, streets are being pumped, and city centre motorists are stuck in miles of gridlock as flash-flooding hit Sheffield - again.

A sudden torrential downpour, accompanied by thunder and lightning, hit the city around 4pm today sending a deluge of rainwater and even hailstones onto unsuspecting office workers, shoppers and motorists.

Another 30mm of rain was predicted before 4am today.

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The intensity of the rain, and the suddenness of its arrival, brought back unwelcome memories of the Great Sheffield Flood of 2007.

A severe weather warning was issued by the Met Office at around 6pm.

Flooding knocked out all signals at Sheffield Station. No trains were arriving or leaving - until further notice, said Sheffield City Council at 7.20pm.

Norfolk Park Road is flooded up to five feet deep and at least two cars are submerged in the water.

One train from Manchester has been turned back at Hazel Grove station due to 'flooding in Sheffield'.

The fire service said hotspots for flooding were the city centre, Norfolk Park, and Arbourthorne.

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Sheffield Council's Street Force service has been dispatched to clear gullies with a machine pump, especially water under bridges. Staff will work throughout the night to release blockages.

Office workers waded knee-deep along Matilda Street, Shoreham Street, and Granville Road to try to retrieve their cars at 5pm. Near Granville Square roundabout the road surface began lifting due to flooding.

See video of flooding at Granville Road - click here

Part of Penistone Road, Middlewood Road near Leppings Lane in Hillsborough, and the roads around Olive Grove bus depot are all flooded. Chesterfield Road is closed under the railway bridge in Heeley due to deep floodwater impassible by traffic.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive reported disruptions and delays to bus services "due to heavy rainfall and traffic volumes".

Services are diverted in Heeley, Woodseats and Arbourthorne.

Park Square roundabout in the city centre is flooded and Broad Lane and Millsands are both badly affected.

Supertram has been particularly badly hit, with trams unable to drive through deep floodwater on Netherthorpe Road underpass, West Street, and Fitzalan Square stops. Rivers of water are flooding down the tramtracks.

At Ponds Forge leisure centre the lower ground floor gym was evacuated and customers were warned they may not be able to retrieve their cars from the underground car park.

Central Library is closed until further notice due to floods affecting the electrics. The toilets are flooded. Norfolk Park Special School and Heritage Park School will be closed tomorrow.

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