Finding solution is the challenge

IT would be an over-simplistic reaction to snub a council report, The State of Sheffield, as unnecessary. For you only have to see our Letters Page to find out what most upsets people and what they think about our political leaders - two of the areas analysed within the report.

But it does much more than just outline problems and views.

The report sets out to capture the mood of the city and to pinpoint issues and challenges expected to raise their heads in the years ahead.

These cover important areas which, properly analysed, ought to give officials a clear idea of the issues which will need to be addressed.

The real challenge, though, is what politicians will judge should be done to tackle these challenges.

It is one thing to identify a problem, it is a completely different thing to come up with a sustainable way of remedying it and leading people to a more fulfilling way of life.

There is also another challenge, which is to learn to prioritise which problems should be addressed first and realising that not all issues can be dealt with through political interference.

Diversity meets business challenge

SHEFFIELD Chamber of Commerce has once more staged its Business Awards event and shone a well-deserved spotlight on local companies which continue to break new ground.

This is great to hear in such uncertain times of economic gloom.

For it shows that there are still many businesses on our doorstep which are keeping the economic wheels of our region turning in the right direction.

What was particularly encouraging was the wide range of businesses that rose to the top in the awards stakes. They display a richness in opportunities at all levels which is reflected in the diversity which is vital for a thriving city such as Sheffield

A fitting tribute

IT is fitting that people will have an annual commemoration to the terrible bomber attacks on the city in 1940 which brought the Blitz to Sheffield.

On two nights of raids, hundreds died and thousands were injured or made homeless as German aircraft rained their deadly weapons onto a sleeping city.

To commemorate the Blitz's 70th anniversary, a display and activities were arranged on the Moor, which was particularly badly hit during the raids.

All these years on, the people of Sheffield have shown that they still appreciate the sacrifice made all those years ago and streamed along to the shopping centre to see the display and enjoy the activities. Now these are to become a regular feature on the city's events calendar - a fitting tribute to the people who gave their lives.

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