FAIR POINT: Sex-factor’s loser - Jo Davison tells it straight...

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He’s had sex with Dannii, juggled a handful of girlfriends all at the same time and hordes of one-night stands are now creeping from under the covers like flesh-sated bed bugs to claim they’ve had him, too.

I couldn’t give a damn about Simon Cowell’s turbo-powered sex life, frankly.

Clearly it’s all coming out in a bid to boost publicity for the forthcoming X Factor series - which is pretty vital to him, as last year’s failed to live up to that for which it searched.

And if these women are stupid enough to think that admitting they were once his bedmates raises their standing in life, then they’re really not worth defending.

But I do give a damn when Cowell starts boasting about his amazing prowess - at manipulating women’s affections.

He gleefully admits he treats women like toys; in fact, that’s how he has actually described Dannii Minogue, whom he bedded while they were on the judging panel together a couple of years ago.

The nation found out at the weekend that the affair was to feature in a new book on Cowell; yet another well-orchestrated piece of advance publicity.

He is actually boasting that he enjoys playing with the emotions of a few women at a time, watching them grow jealous of each other and start to fight for his affections.

“Every girl wants to be number one and they’re very territorial,” he has said.

“I find girls fighting very amusing.”

What a prize man-boob.

He looks down from his slick office in the sky and sees women as a pack of hounds, eager and prepared to go tooth and nail for any scraps of affection he throws to them.

Plus he reckons he’s The Man because all his exes still adore him. He gives them houses worth millions; why wouldn’t they want to keep in with him?

More tellingly, why can’t Simon see that the ex-lovers trailing in his wake, high on the smell of his fake tan, money and hair gel, are probably doing so because he has bought their continued affection rather than earned it?

The answer is vanity. And some huge character flaw. He’s a player.

And haven’t we all been drawn in by one of those in our time? Fortunately we didn’t get the house in Malibu, so we can look back and see how pathetic and small the puppeteer pulling our strings actually was.

But Cowell is a powerful and influential man. The music mogul has shaped the aspirations of the younger generation into something plastic and fake. Kids are growing up thinking the best thing ever would be to win a telly talent show and become an instant celebrity.

We can do without him leading impressionable young men into thinking having have a harem of love-lorn women in tow equals success.