FAIR POINT: Is it really possible for men and women to be ‘just good friends?’

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Most women - and Harry - have known it all along; men can’t be ‘just friends’ with us.

Not unless they’re gay - or we are.

I’m a huge advocate of opposite sex friendships. Most women are; you get very different day to day advice from a man - and such a valuable insight into why someone just dumped you.

But as much as we want to believe the whole thing is totally platonic, one day that cringeworthy moment when he makes a pass could come.

And though you love him dearly, your only course of action is to hurt his feelings and risk losing him forever.

Harry told Sally, in that rom-com movie, it was all down to male instinct. That men only form friendships with women they find attractive.

And now a survey of pairs of male and female friends confirms he was right. When researchers asked platonic couples to rate their attraction to each other, most of the men – whether attached or single – admitted they fancied their female friends on the sly.

They also assumed their female friends were more romantically interested in them than they admitted to being.

And there you have it; hormones and egos are the reason why it all goes Pete Tong.

Whether they will admit it or not, men include attractiveness in the mental tick list when befriending a girl.

If he doesn’t fancy her one tiny bit, it barely goes beyond hello. He’s too worried she’s going to fall for him at some stage (because, obviously, he’s so irresistible) and heck, then going to have to extricate himself.

Plus having an attractive girl as a friend is good for his kudos; all his mates will be hankering after her.

His vanity leads him to believe she must secretly fancy him and therefore, when he feels the moment is right, he can chance his arm.

Women, however, do go into platonic friendships without an agenda, says the survey.

Though we’re not always entirely innocent, are we?

Sometimes a male friend you aren’t remotely attracted to, but who fancies the pants off you, is GREAT for the ego.

Plus we are willing to accept the crumbs when we can’t have the cake. I’ve become friends with men I’d have loved to have loved, but realised the only way I could have a place in their lives was by settling for friendship. Haven’t you?

Plus we also allow our egos to kick in and spoil things, just as men do. When you’ve just had your heart crushed by a bloke, it’s easy to make yourself feel better by pulling the safest man around - your best friend.

Of course, sometimes, as with Chandler and Monica and Rachel and Ross, single friends can turn like to love and find they have a fabulous relationship because they were such friends first.

And how many others are too scared of the rebuff and the end of a beautiful friendship to ever take a chance?