Editor’s column: One million reasons to improve The Star

Star Editor James Mitchinson
Star Editor James Mitchinson
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Monday is a monumentally important day in the history of The Star, and indeed for Sheffield; the city this media powerhouse has served since 1887.

The Monday edition is the first of many newspapers which we have re-engineered in order to ensure far more of the news that is important to you features on a daily basis.

So what’s new? Star Two! And it’s all about you, in as much as I want to give over as much space as possible to your views and voices.

The Sheffield and Doncaster Stars are not my newspapers, they’re yours, and you’ve been telling me that not enough time and effort goes in to two areas in particular: great journalism that makes those in authority uneasy. The kind of journalism that has ‘wrong ‘uns’ looking over their shoulders.

You’re also telling us that you want The Star to be more involved in the community - be more accessible.

That’s why I’ve created two teams of journalists within the walls of our York Street HQ: one to work closer than ever with the people who live, breathe and love this city, and another to conduct investigative multi-media work on your behalf.

And there’s something else happening. In January this year for the first time ever, more than ONE MILLION visitors came here to our website in a single month.

To put that into perspective, you would have to go back to a time where cloth caps wandered the cobbles under the Steel City’s smoking chimney pots in order to truly say The Star was reaching, informing, influencing and entertaining as many people as we are at this moment in time.

Media experts say newspapers are experiencing a ‘crisis’ akin to that of radio when the television came along. Perhaps so, but that is only benefiting you, the reader, because it means myself and my team have to work doubly hard to ensure the hundreds of articles we publish every week are delivered to you when you want them, where you want them.

That’s why this website has also undergone a radical improvement: more people get their news from their mobile phone than the newspaper on many days.

What I now need is your view: are the new columnists - male and female - what you were looking for? Is the new Sport Retro hitting the back of your net? Do you like our agony aunt?

We’re evolving, and I’d love you to write to me to tell me what you want to see in your Star - online and, of course, in the newspaper.