Dylan art goes on sale – all yours for £1,950

One of Bob Dylan's spoof magazine artworks.
One of Bob Dylan's spoof magazine artworks.
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Signed limited edition graphics by legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan have gone on sale at a Meadowhall shop – from £1,950 a time.

Four satirical spoof magazine covers taken from Dylan’s Revisionist Art collection are at Castle Galleries on Park Lane.

The works are titled ‘Fruitcake: Billionaire Rex Kadaffi’, ‘Archeology Today: The Pagan Kings of Kent’, ‘Sports Illustrated: Female 3rd Base Coach’ and ‘Rolling Stone Magazine: Rhianna’.

Gallery manager Sam Rix said Dylan’s art provided an insight into a man who had contributed so much to modern culture.

“In Revisionist Art we see a hard-edged and distinctly Dylan-esque artistic intelligence fully at work, providing a glimpse into an artistic process that is equally maverick and elusive,” he added.