Doctor 'groping like a boyfriend'

A WOMAN who went to the doctor to find out if she was pregnant was left "shocked and confused" when her GP groped her chest "like a boyfriend", a court heard.

The woman made an appointment to see Dr Parag Bhatt at the Rosehill Medical Surgery in Rawmarsh after suffering stomach cramps which she believed could mean she was pregnant.

She told Sheffield Crown Court that as she explained her symptoms he told her he had noticed her breathing was erratic and got out his stethoscope to listen to her heart.

The woman said: "He placed the stethoscope down my top to listen to my breathing.

"He placed it around my breast. It felt like he was trying to fiddle - it was as if his fingers were trying to grope me. I felt a bit confused." She admitted in cross-examination that she might not have looked into it as deeply if it hadn't been followed by another incident after he had put the stethoscope away.

She said he told her she had a chest infection, but she pressed him further about whether she could be pregnant.

The woman said: "That's when he went down the right side of my top, pulled my breast out and started feeling it. I was not sure if that was the right procedure but I trusted him. What made me suspicious was when he tweaked it at the end like your boyfriend would do."

She said he did not tell her beforehand what he was going to do and gave no explanation for touching her in that way, simply saying afterwards: "You are not pregnant."

In cross-examination William Coker QC, defending, said Bhatt, aged 44, had asked if her breasts were feeling tender before examining them, but she denied this.

He also produced a complaint letter the woman had written to the Primary Care Trust in which she said Bhatt had told her he was examining her chest to tell if she was pregnant.

The woman said she could not remember him saying that, or writing it, but accepted it was her letter.

Bhatt, of Broom Lane, Rotherham, denies seven counts of sexual assault against six different women between March and August last year.

The trial continues.


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