Disabled Sheffield man had to wash at baths

Disabled man Martin Bird who has had to shower at Ponds Forge
Disabled man Martin Bird who has had to shower at Ponds Forge
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A DISABLED man and his wife were forced to wash at a swimming baths for more than two weeks - because their broken shower was not repaired.

Martin Bird, who was hit by a bus 10 years ago, and Yadira Noguiera Maooero say they have spent £150 showering at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.

But now - after The Star stepped in - repairs have begun.

A crack in the shower’s drainage system caused it to flood the bathroom on Friday, May 18.

Now landlord Guinness Northern Counties, which said the delay was caused because ‘essential’ asbestos testing was needed, has started repairs.

Martin, of West View Lane, Totley, said: “It’s been embarrassing. “We pay our rent, we’ve got our own house, yet we’re going out to shower.

“They were supposed to bring the repair forward, but that was two weeks ago, so I don’t know what month or year it will be fixed.”

The couple claim they were only told they must present receipts to claim back the cost of using Ponds Forge on Thursday.

Martin - who was given a police commendation after chasing a bag snatcher in 2001 – said: “Over the last two weeks we must have spent about £150 showering.

“This has put a lot of stress on me.”

A Guinness Northern Counties spokesman said: “We are very sorry for the delay in repairing the shower and for the serious inconvenience this has caused.

“The repair was ordered promptly but our contractors needed to carry out essential asbestos testing behind tiling before they could start work. This has been the reason for delay.

“Repairs are under way and will be completed as a matter of urgency.”