DInosaur makes Sylvie's big day!

SYLVIE Brown doesn't believe in doing things the conventional way.

Over the years the 33-year old from Upperthorpe has taken part in many daring challenges including skydiving and parachute jumps, despite having Multiple Sclerosis.

Her determination to live life in a positive way, even though she has a condition that causes pain and mobility problems, has been an inspiration to many.

So when it came to her wedding to long-term partner Steve Wright Sylvie had firm ideas about what she did and didn't want!

And while many brides dream of getting earrings and necklaces as gifts from their new husband to mark the big day, Sylvie was a little different - she chose a huge model dinosaur instead!

"It's in the garden and is emerging from the bushes, and it's there to be a reminder of our wedding day," said Sylvie, "It's a bit different. We are mad, and it is unconventional and it looks amazing!"

The couple opted for a small wedding and exchanged their vows in St Bartholomew's church in Upperthorpe surrounded by friends and family.

And they had a reception at home, where guests could take a look at the Velociraptor dinosaur, which joins life-size models of a Silverback gorilla and a chimp with a baby.

The pair first met eight years ago when Sylvie bought a mobility scooter from Steve, aged 51, who has his own business. Love blossomed and Sylvie used her website design skills to enable the business to take off over the internet.

Over the years they have faced many challenges but say their experiences have strengthened a relationship that was built on the basis of an equal partnership.

Due to a rare gynaecological problem Sylvie discovered as a teenager, she had two half sized wombs and as a result thought she may never have a child.

And when MS hit her at the tender age of 21, her hopes of a family life all but disappeared.

But against the medical odds, the couple now have a miracle son, Marcus, aged 21 months. The tot acted as best man at the wedding, although he didn't have to look after the rings or make a speech!

"The wedding went unbelievably well," said Sylvie, who now has to use her mobility scooter or a wheelchair most of the time. "It went in a whirlwind. I've felt like we were married a long time ago, but the wedding feels like it has completed us as a family."

Day to day life can be very difficult because MS has many side effects including exhaustion, but the couple have weathered the difficulties. They enjoy travel and have been to America and South America.

Sylvie says she has learnt from her illness to take opportunities and live life to the full.

"I enjoy life and I have a large amount of joy in my life. We have our ups and downs but we seem to come through them. I've learnt that you have to live in the moment and take each day as it comes."

"We feel so lucky, " she added. "We have a lovely baby and we're happy."