Depressed man hanged himself

A PARANOID alcoholic hanged himself because he was unable to rekindle a romance with the mother of his child, an inquest heard.

Colin Rowland, aged 36, was found hanging in the loft hatch of his brother's Barnsley home, where he lived after splitting with his girlfriend.

Alan Rowland, of Cawthorne Road, Barugh Green, told the Sheffield inquest he returned from work and saw his brother's legs at the top of the stairs.

Believing he was working in the attic, he asked him what he was doing and started rolling a cigarette.

"After a bit I said, 'What are you playing at?' and then I said, 'Look, I want an answer'," he told the court.

"He had this trick where he could fall asleep on his feet, especially when he had been drinking. So I grabbed his legs and said, 'Wake up' before I realised something wasn't right.

"He was swinging."

The inquest heard Colin was an unemployed kitchen fitter who hadn't worked for two years, and an alcoholic with a history of depression.

He had moved in with his brother four years ago after an 11-year relationship with Michelle Clarke of Athersley North ended. The couple had a 12-year-old daughter.

Alan said he moved back to try to patch things up but moved out after a month.

He added: "After about six months living with me his behaviour altered. He was full of hatred for her and he was spending all his money on alcohol.

"He was seeing his daughter regularly and in my opinion he fetched problems on himself. He had a drink and some tablets and got paranoid."

Colin would phone the police and make accusations to 'get at' Michelle, Alan added. And he was even going to court to prove their daughter was his - something that was never in question, he said.

"He knew deep down she was his daughter but he was on a mission to torture himself. I think it was his main goal in life to get back with Michelle. He loved her, but some of the stunts he pulled..."

PC Fiona Bowling told the inquest two weeks earlier Colin took an overdose of anti-depressants and, while in hospital, accused a family member of abusing his daughter. Investigations found no proof of the claims, she added.

Deputy coroner Donald Coutts Wood said the day before he died, on March 11, Colin Rowland texted friends to say he was going to hang himself.

A number of notes were found after his death with the general message 'I can't have her and that's it', he added.

He recorded a verdict that Colin Rowland took his own life.


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